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Enriching Your Child's Library Experience
Safe Child Policy

Revised 11/21/2022​, Reviewed 10/16/2023

We want the Delphi Public Library to be a welcoming, safe place for all children. Our staff has many duties to perform in order to serve all patrons in the best way possible. For this reason, the staff cannot monitor children’s whereabouts or behavior. Staff cannot assume the responsibility of a child’s care when they are in the library. No public place, including the library, can guarantee the safety of children. This policy is in place to ensure the wellbeing of our youngest visitors.


Parents/caregivers are responsible for their children’s behavior in the library.


All children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult at all times while visiting the library. The library in no way assumes responsibility for any child left unattended in the building.


If a child under the age of 8 is found unattended while the library is open, library staff will attempt to locate the parent/caregiver in the library. If the parent/caregiver cannot be found, law enforcement officials will be called, and the child will be placed in their care.


If a child age 8 through 12 has not been picked up by a parent/caregiver within 5 minutes of closing, one attempt will be made to contact the parent. If the parent cannot be reached, law enforcement officials will be called, and the child will be placed in their care. Under no circumstances will a staff member give a child a ride home.


If a child age 8 through 12 is found unattended when the library is open and the child has become ill or frightened, has become disruptive and will not respond to verbal warnings from library staff, is upset because of weather conditions, long hours out of contact with the parent/caregiver, or other special circumstances, law enforcement officials may be called, and the child may be placed in their care.


After a child has been placed in the care of law enforcement personnel, the staff will leave notes about the child’s whereabouts at the front desk and on the front door of the library if the library has closed.


Parents who disregard library policy regarding this matter may be reported to the appropriate social services agency and may lose all library privileges.


The children’s area is available for use by children and their accompanying adults and by adults actively engaged with finding materials or obtaining assistance from staff in the children’s area. Adults that are not accompanying children and do not require immediate access to children’s materials will be asked to relocate to another section of the library, regardless of the time of day, presence or absence of other children, or activity level in the room. Adults entering and leaving the Makerspace must not loiter in the children’s area before or after utilizing the Makerspace.


Programs are planned and executed for the enjoyment and edification of specific age groups. Therefore, anyone falling outside of the stated age range is not permitted to attend without prior authorization from the presenting librarian or library director.


For the purpose of this policy, “children” are those 12 years of age and under and “adults” are those 13 and up.

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