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Outreach Services

Outreach Services are available from your Delphi Public Library system.

For your convenience, we provide outreach services upon request. We can distribute library materials within the community or even to your front door. If you, or a family member, could benefit from this service, please contact us. There are two outreach options available.

1)    Contact the library and request that a package of materials be put together for you. In a timely manner, a staff member will have them ready and waiting for you or your caregiver to retrieve (curbside services are available).

2)    You can have library materials delivered to your home if transportation is an issue for you and you have no way to retrieve the items. A library staff member will deliver materials to your home and will pick them up when you are finished. Outreach deliveries are made every two weeks. All circulating library resources are available through this service. You may request the items you want, or we can select a variety pack for you.

For additional information or to sign up for these services, call 765-564-2929 (Delphi), 574-965-2382 (Yeoman) or email:

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