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Gerber Globe Valve Program Room Policy

 Reviewed and amended, July 17, 2000, reviewed 6/21/01, 6/17/02, 6/16/03, amended 6/21/04, 6/20/05, 6/19/06, reviewed 6/18/07, 6/16/08, 6/15/09, amended 6/21/10, 6/20/11, 6/18/12, 6/17/13, 6/16/14, reviewed 6/15/15, 6/20/16, amended 6/19/17, 6/18/18, 6/17/19, reviewed 6/21/21, 6/20/22

The program room is available on all days the library is open for business, unless it is being used for library activities. Library events will take precedence in room scheduling. The library reserves the right to change or cancel reservations.


The program room is available to all non-profit groups, individuals, and businesses in the community regardless of affiliation. The library board encourages use of the room by a wide range of community members. Use of the program room does not constitute library endorsement of the viewpoints expressed by participants in the program. All publicity for a program must identify the organization sponsoring the program, and the library may not be named as a sponsor or co-sponsor of any event without permission. Neither the name nor the address of the library may be used as the official address or headquarters of any organization or group.


Children and young people's groups will be permitted the use of the meeting room if they are supervised by one or more adults. The room is sized for 50 people and is not appropriate for larger groups.


Only the library or a library group may sponsor a fund-raising program in the library. No buying or selling is permitted. No attendance fee may be charged nor may a collection be taken up without the express prior approval of the director.


The intentional display of firearms during public meetings is prohibited.


It is suggested that organizations make reservations as early as possible to assure the date they need. Organizations that regularly schedule meetings must apply in advance each time; bookings are not guaranteed. The library reserves the right to restrict the frequency of use. Reservations may be requested online by clicking on Events at, in person at the main desk of the library, by email to, or by calling 765-564-2929.



Chairs and tables are available for use in the program room. Audio-visual equipment owned by the library is available for use in the program room if reserved in advance. Such equipment includes laptop computers, a digital projector, a slide projector, an overhead projector, a DVD player, and a wall-mounted television. Groups using library equipment must notify the staff at the close of the meeting so that the equipment may be secured. Internet access is available in the room, via wifi or Ethernet connections.



No fees will be charged for the use of the room.




Light refreshments and non-alcoholic beverages may be served. Any equipment or food brought in should be promptly removed after the meeting. Each group needs to provide its own supplies, such as coffee, sugar, napkins, cups, plates, paper towels, etc. The library coffee pots, microwave, and refrigerator may be used but must be left clean. Trash should be bagged and left by the door in the kitchen for the janitor to remove.



The individual reserving the room for an organization or a group of persons shall accept financial responsibility for any damage to the library property incurred during a meeting or in connection with their use of the facilities. Use of the room may be terminated at any time if the conduct of the group, or any member of the group, is disruptive to library service or is abusive or dangerous to the library building, materials, furnishings, or other individuals in the building. Such abuse will be sufficient cause to deny further use of the room. Chair and table arrangements are the responsibility of the group holding the meeting or program. Each group is responsible for leaving the room as it was upon the group’s arrival and should turn off lights and place tables and chairs in their original positions.


Because the state of Indiana requires the library to compile statistics on all library services, it is the responsibility of the group using the room to record on an attendance card the number of people in attendance at their gathering. The attendance cards are located in a folder in the program room. Completed cards may be given to a library staff member or left in the folder provided.


It is the responsibility of the person scheduling the meeting to inform the library of any cancellations as soon as possible so that other groups are able to schedule the room.


The library assumes no responsibility for personal belongings of persons attending meetings. Adults attending meetings must not leave children unsupervised in the library. See the library’s Safe Child Policy for more information.


The library board has vested the director with the authority to supervise meeting room use and interpret these policies. Failure to comply with these regulations or the directives of the designated representative of the library will prohibit further use of the library facilities. The director shall have the right to waive the regulations whenever it is in the best interest of the library or the community to do so. The board of trustees reserves the right to alter or waive the rules.


Failure to abide by any of these rules or to cooperate with library staff may result in loss of meeting room privileges. STATE FIRE AND HEALTH LAWS SHOULD BE OBSERVED. Parking is available in the lot south of the Presbyterian Church.

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