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Circulation of Materials Policy

Adopted 9/20/99, Amended 9/19/00, 4/16/02, 8/20/01, 8/19/02, Reviewed 8/18/03, Amended 8/16/04, Reviewed 8/15/05, 8/21/06, Amended 10/16/06, 8/20/07, 8/18/08, 8/17/09, Reviewed 8/16/10, 8/15/11

Amended 8/20/12, 8/19/13, 8/18/14, Reviewed 8/17/15, Amended 8/15/16, 8/21/17, 11/20/17, 8/20/18, reviewed 8/19/19, Amended 5/17/2021, 5/16/2022, 10/16/2023


Circulation of materials for Delphi Public Library shall be selected books, periodicals, DVDs, audiobooks, music CDs, video games and equipment. Ereaders, laptops, and Wi-Fi hotspots are also circulated, but special circulation rules apply; see the Device Borrowing Policy for circulation rules for those items. The loan period for most materials, with some exceptions noted below, is fourteen (14) days. The loan period for fiction adult DVDs (feature films), video games, equipment, and tech tools is seven (7) days.


Most items may be renewed for two (2) consecutive loan periods, unless another patron of the library has placed a hold (reserve) on that item. No renewals may be made of video games. Fiction adult DVDs (feature films) and equipment and tech tools may be renewed only once.


The borrowing privileges of the Delphi Public Library shall be as follows:


  1. The borrowing privileges of the holder in good standing of a library card are limited only by the restrictions upon the specific item type of circulating materials.


  1. Patrons are expected to present their library card in order to borrow materials. In certain circumstances, however, staff members are authorized to accept another form of identification if the patron’s library card is temporarily unavailable. Only the named account holder may provide alternative identification to borrow materials.


  1. The borrowing privileges of patrons with items more than 4 weeks overdue are suspended until all overdue materials have been returned or patrons have paid all replacement costs for any items not returned.


  1. Parents/guardians of children under the age of 18 for whom they have accepted financial responsibility will be linked in a Family Group with those children. Borrowing privileges for all members of a group are suspended if one or more members of the group has been suspended.


Patron cards will be issued with an expiration date of one year from the date of issue. Patron contact information will be checked for accuracy each year on the card’s expiration date, and the card will be renewed if the patron is in good standing. All overdue materials must be returned and any bills paid before a patron’s card will be renewed.


 Patrons are responsible for damaged or lost library materials. The replacement cost for a lost or damaged but not easily repaired item is determined by the latest published full retail cost. In most cases, a replacement item purchased by the patron will not be accepted in lieu of paying the replacement cost. Costs for damaged but easily repaired items are determined by the exact extent of the damage.

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